OX for business

Unlock endless driving opportunities and empower your employees with corporate access to our vehicles.

Predictable driving with Tesla

Why OX Drive business account

Become a corporate user of OX Drive

Receive invoices on your company details

Provide your employees with an opportunity to use OX Drive for their rides under your business account

How to setup OX Drive for business

It only takes three easy steps.

Step 1

In order to setup your business account, please open your OX Drive app and then go to the “Wallet” menu in the app.

Step 2

Click on “Business account” and follow instructions in the app. 

To invite your organisation members to the business account, please click on the “Business account” and then share the code with the people that you would like to add to your business account. When they enter the code under the “Business account” section, they will be able to join your organisation.

Please note that your users need to select “business” before starting a ride in the app in order for the ride to be billed under your business account.

Step 3

Please send your full company details to hello@oxdrive.lv and we will add them to your business account.