Tesla Subscription

All the joys of owning a car, none of the hassle.

Starting from 750 €/month.


You’re in full control of all costs with one transparent monthly price.


Our 24/7 customer support is ready to help out in case of any issues.


Save on fuel and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Your subscription includes

All inclusive, simple pricing

No “contract fees” or “first payments” and we’ll even deliver and pick up the car within Riga for free. 

Model 3 Standard Range

2 years - 750€
1 year - 800€
6 months - 830€
3 months - 860€
1 month - 890€

*Prices excluding VAT

Model 3 Long Range

2 years - 950€
1 year - 1,000€
6 months - 1,030€
3 months - 1,060€
1 month - 1,090€

*Prices excluding VAT

Model 3 Performance

2 years - 990€
1 year - 1,040€
6 months - 1,070€
3 months - 1,100€
1 month - 1,130€

*Prices excluding VAT

Model Y Long Range

2 years - 1,050€
1 year - 1,100€
6 months - 1,130€
3 months - 1,160€
1 month - 1,190€

*Prices excluding VAT

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OX is car ownership done right

Join the future of mobility where you get all the joys of owning a car without any of the hassles. 

Free Tesla pickup and delivery in Riga

Free delivery

Once you sign the contract, we deliver the car to you and pick up for free.

Free parking in Riga for your Tesla

Free parking

Public parking, free Jurmala entry – no apps.

Save time driving in Riga

Save time

Use bus lanes and avoid traffic jams, it’s legal in Latvia.

All inclusive Tesla maintenance package

All inclusive

Insurance, maintenance, warranty repairs, replacement car, tires, taxes, technical inspections – it’s all included in one monthly invoice.

Best Tesla rental package in Riga

Enjoy freedom

2,000 free km included in the monthly price. Above that 0.1€/km. Unused km roll over into the next month. 

100+ Tesla features

100+ features

Teslas are packed with latest technology: Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, video games, Toybox, autopilot…


Here’s what’s included in the monthly price: 

  • Car itself
  • Mandatory insurance (OCTA)
  • Voluntary insurance (CASCO). Your self-risk is limited to 450 EUR in case of an accident caused by you and 15% of the car value in case of total loss or theft. 
  • Maintenance – we will perform any necessary maintenance work on the car
  • Warranty — all our cars come with full warranty. In case something goes wrong we will take care of it at no cost to you. 
  • Tires – we will keep the appropriate tires according to the season on the car. In case tire change is necessary, we will schedule it in advance with you. 
  • 2000 free km per month. If you drive more than that then 0.1€+VAT additional fee per km applies. Don’t worry, unused km from one month carry over into the next month. 

2000 free km per month are included in the price. If you drive more than that then 0.1€+VAT additional fee per km applies. Don’t worry, unused km from one month carry over into the next month as we calculate the total mileage in the end of the rental period.

Yes. Charging cost is not included in the monthly fee. However, Tesla currently has a free supercharger in Riga and in Rezekne. Additionally there’s over 300 public charging spots in Latvia and with Teslas range, running out of juice should never be an issue. Type 2 and regular wall socket charging cables are included with all of our cars. 

Simply submit the contact form below and one of our team members will contact you to go over all the details within 1 working day.